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How to use Twitter for iPhone or iPad
about 2 years ago

The Twitter for iOS app can be used on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch device.
To sign up for an account

Download the Twitter for iOS app, if you haven't already installed it.
Once the app is installed, you can log in with an existing account or sign up for a new account directly from the app. Learn about managing multiple Twitter accounts through your app.

When signing up, you will be guided through our sign up experience and prompted to enter information such as your name and email address.
If you provided a phone number while signing up, we will immediately send you an text message with a code so we can verify your number. Enter the verification code in the box provided.
Learn how to customize settings for your new account.
Note: If you provided an email address when signing up, we’ll send you a confirmation email. You must confirm your email address in order for it to be fully associated with your Twitter account so you can receive important notifications from us regarding your account.
Editing your profile
In the top menu, tap your profile icon.
Tap Profile, then tap Edit profile.

From here you can change your profile and header image, name, location, website, and bio. Learn more about customizing your profile, including instructions for adding your birthday.
Note: These instructions apply to versions of Twitter for iPhone or iPad used on iOS 7 and above.
How to post and delete a Tweet

To post a Tweet:

Tap the Tweet icon
Compose your message and tap Tweet.
To save a draft: Tap the X in the Tweet compose window and select Save draft. Access it (and other drafts) later by tapping the Tweet icon, then the draft icon

To reply to or mention an account:

Tap the @ symbol to bring up a list of suggested accounts you follow.
As you start typing a username the list will narrow down to fewer results.
Once you've found the account you're looking for, tap their username and it will populate in the Tweet. Your character count will adjust, as needed.
Learn about the difference between replies and mentions.

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